‘Malawi’s movie industry lacks support’

Hope Chisanu

One of the renowned actors in the country, Hope Chisanu, says if the movie industry is to blossom in the country there is need for Malawians to support it.

Chisanu is one of the best actors Malawi has ever produced and has featured in movies like ‘The last fishing boat’, ‘Seasons of a life’, and ‘Choices’ which is shown on MBC TV as well as ‘Theatre of the air’ which is aired on MBC radio 1.

Speaking to Malawi24, Chisanu said the industry lacks support from government and Malawians in general as people are supporting foreign movies more than theirs.

“If the movie industry is to blossom in the country Malawians need to unite and begin to love and support their own industry,” Chisanu said. “Companies should inject their money into the industry and actors should be fully trained.”

Hope Chisanu
Chisanu: We need support.

He further said that the movie industry is steadly growing despite challenges mounting from piracy and lack of funding and he believes said that collective effort is required to curb piracy.

According to Chisanu, the market is flooded with local movies but they lack professionalism and creativity as a result most productions are half baked.

“Malawians are producing movies but they lack professionalism as many are producing half baked movies. The movies have so many shortcuts which is also a challenge pulling back the industry in the country,” he said.

Chisanu said that he is dreaming in color that one day he shall rise and represent Malawi at another level.

He also revealed that he dreams of acting alongside heavyweights like Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy and other renowned movie tycoons and he is working on a project to be released soon.

In the meantime, he is raising funds for the projects and he wants to learn more and train others as he believes that in the next five years the movie industry will grow bigger since there is a huge need for local talent.



  1. Kado ndi actor? Kodi amalawi ndife otani? Moti mukamaonera Kado mumaona yose boo hahaha. Uncle bemberezi more fire ,mumatha chifukwa ngakhale wa ku England amamva chimene mukunena osati za wotamba wanuyo Kado,amamva ndi amalawi basi. Muzitengera chitsanzo cha Nigerian movies aliyense amawakonda chifukwa amagwiritsa ntchito international language which English .so I like Hope chisanu’s movies bcoz there r lesons in his movies not Kado’s “mpeni wanga sadya nkhwan”zaufiti basi.

  2. Ijooooooo ma movie ake ati? Taona ma movie. Man inu si actor ndinu opempha thandizo kkkkkk

  3. They need to consult in terms of marketing in order to reach out to a wider audience. There are several ways to this. For instance, they have to come up with exciting clips from their movies and advertise during peak times on popular TV stations… there are several more ways. Can’t put them all here.

  4. Hahaha chisanu wanuyo acting yake lil pati? Utsiru basi……tiziti maganya amatha acting…..ma movie ake siokoma olo ndi pang’ono olo….ndimukuti atukuka bwanj?!!!……….ma movie akunja munawawona ….zingafanane ndi the last fishing boat wanuyo musatilakkwitse

  5. The problem with our movies is that timapanga ngati sewero, with light content and its easy to predict the ending. So if we need to move forward we have to create scripts that should be fun and at the end people should get the exact gist of the story

  6. hahaha! Nyasawood! Mulibe talent just seat down. You think acting ndimasewero mumapangawa? People train and get on diets to match the roles they’ll play in a movie. They do reseach and find everything to do with the movie. Mwadya chinangwa uko kumati movie industry yake iti. Tazingopangani Tikuferanji yemweyo apa

  7. Acting is not as easy as you think; there must be hundsomes and beautiful ladies. If you want solid support go round Malawi and select some hundsome males and beautiful females train them. We are tired of seeing same faces.

  8. You must try to feature handsome boys like me, ndizizakita ngati Ramsy Noah kapena Frank Rajah, koma mukamatenga zotemeka kumansozo ndiye musova

  9. What Hope Chisanu is saying is truth but deal is performance cause there are other people(actors+actress) they don’t be serious when they are acting . what they do in the movie is totally different to part which they had given to perform, for instance the place where we’re expecting them to cry we see them laughing. and this is why many people here in malawi they don’t want to offer help, just because of their performance. my advice to them (movie industry) they must improve their performance

  10. kaya mutapanga improve ma movie anuwo kma # AKILA nd 1 osati zanu zachizungu chosecho anthu amene mumafna kt akugulen & azipange advertiz samva chizungu

  11. Mutukuka bwanji ma actors m’mangosankhana anthu okuti muli kale muzintchito kusiya munthu yemwe ali ndi luso la acting koma akungokhala.. You need to change the way you find your actors first, mukafuna kupangitsa ma auditions muzipangitsa ma boma onse not m’ma cities mokhamokha.

  12. I think njira imodzi yowapangira support, is to burn their movies so dat ifikile anthu amene ali kutali ndi ochepekedwa oti sangathe kugula ya original, mwanjira imeneyinso nde kuti akhonza, kutchuka mofulumira!

  13. Yep…but first make sure that you get real actors and actresses who can make your films enjoyable…otherwise people are not interested with Malawians movies because they lack creativity and mature.

  14. Ku malawiso kuli movie industry?wow ?? Ma movie ake osalongosoka, anthu ake olephera engish,ndiye support yake izigwira ntchito motani,dont waste tym ppl iyi simbali yanu.

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