FISP not targeting the poor again – Government

Allan Chiyembekeza

The Malawi Government has come out of the dungeon to say that the Farm Input Subsidy Program (FISP) will target every farmer in the country and not the poor alone as it were.

This has come hot in the heels of incessant outages that the program has succumbed to this year.

But when addressing the media on Tuesday in the capital Lilongwe, Minister of Agriculture, Dr Allan Chiyembekeza revealed that government has registered all farmers in Malawi,totaling to 4.2 Million.

Chiyembekeza said that this year alone,1.5 Million farmers are slated to be on the  list to benefit from the flagship agricultural program.

Allan Chiyembekeza
Chiyembekeza; We needed change.

According to the Minister they had discovered that for the past five years, it has been the same people benefiting from the program and therefore they saw it fit to revisit the targets of the program.

”We saw the need to target everyone who is farming not just the poor as the trend has been at the onset of the program. We discovered that we left out other people and only saw same people benefiting each year. We believe that this will boost productivity this year.” said Chiyembekeza.


Recently, the Economists Association of Malawi (ECAMA) reiterated that the FISP  is not helping Malawi given the country’s economic base.

ECAMA President, Henry Kachaje, said that FISP is failing to produce tangible results despite having massive donor support since its inception during the late Bingu wa Mutharika’s reign.

“As it is clear that donors are not resuming their budgetary support to the country any sooner, government must make sure that its policies in the agricultural sector, which is still a major economic base for Malawi, are revisited to make sure that it benefit the country,” said Kachaje.



  1. Pliz ma kopuni athe tsitsini katundu yese wa ulimi kut aliyese athe kulima. Kumalawi aliyese amalima taonani anthu akulimbirana makuponi ndipo Ena akugulitsa kumene

  2. Yes leave politics of appeasement give FISP to those who can ably produce and sell it to Govt for storage if there is surplus export for much needed forex game over!

  3. I have a question to ask those responsible with subsidy mainly the Ministry of Agriculture. Do you know that in Rumphi District chiefs are telling pipo to share a single coupon. Find out

  4. Gvt is doing fine becoz is not only the poor who are cultivating. Again, most of those poor malawians do not use these FISD, instead, they used to sell them in order to have their basic needs.

  5. We will table in this parliament sitting Information bill, no we will not, we have discovered that it has inconsistencies. Fisp is on course and is targeting the poor of the poorest, no we have discovered tha the same farmers have been benefitting for five yrs therefore this year fisp is targeting every farmer, ‘poorest and the richest’. Who is fooling who?? Instead of admitting failure, current Dpp is shifting blame to former Dpp and PP inclusive. Allan & his Dpp @ their best kkkkkkkkkk.

  6. Mungopanga universal subsidy basi, aliyense azikangogula. Sizomapanga register zo.

  7. Chokani apa! Fisp fisp ndechani? Imapindulira ndani? Aliyense mmalawi muno ndimlimi koma makoponiwo mmapanga ochepa.mkuganiza chani kodi?

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