Man swallowed by Lake Malawi waters

Lake Malawi

Paul Nyamwera, a 43 year-old man from Nyoloni village in the area of Traditional Authority Mankhambera in Nkhatabay District was found dead on Lake Malawi after he went missing for four days.

Lake MalawiAccording to James Sulima from the same village, the deceased was seen Friday drinking beer around Nyoloni Beach and he was not seen again after that day only for the community members to find his body floating on the lake.

“Surprisingly he sustained a cut in the stomach and his eyes were gouged out as he was beaten. We recognised him because of the clothes he was wearing,” said Sulima. However, according to postmortem results, Nyamwera died due to suffocation.

Police Publicist for Nkhatabay Ignatious Esau appealed to the general public not to sell or drink beer around the lake because sometimes drunkenness causes deaths.

“We have established the investigation on the incident and the investigation are underway,” he said.

“We will come back to the public after we find the cause of the incident.”




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