MEC drilled on constituencies slicing


As there are reports that the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) will delimit constituencies in the country, a political commentator has asked the electoral body to consider economic issues before doing the exercise.

Currently, Malawi has 193 constituencies and there have been mixed reactions from the general public as some say that the number of constituencies should be trimmed while others say it should be increased considering the growing population.

A political commentator in the country, Lattim Matenje, said if the number of constituencies is to be increased MEC needs to consider the economy of the country.

Constituents up for trimming?

“It is unreasonable at the moment to increase the number of constituencies in the country as the economy of the country has collapsed and what should be done now is to make use of councillors,” said Matenje.

He further said that if Mec is to decrease the number of constituencies it needs to look into the population of people in the country.

He said: “If Mec is to decrease the number of constituencies there is need to consider the population of people in the country and MEC need to equalise the size of wards in order to maintain the number of constituencies in the country.”

Mec last delimited the country’s constituencies in 1998.



  1. 100 constituencies are very enough for our loved country Malawi

    Some of the constituencies need to be merged.

    Small districts like CZ, Neno, Mwanza can have 2 or three constituencies.
    And I feel things will be very fine at the same time saving a.

  2. They are stuped they are just saying as if they hve money ,they failed to address malawians after selling our freedom to dpp.Is nt the same mbendera who failed to defeate the game fixing of tripitite election?
    Ok they dnt hve job to do after election ?Let them go to ndata farm and work

    1. Iwe ndiye uphwisa ndi DPP komanso Ndata mphwanga, nawenso ulimbikile uzakhale president uzapange chitukuko kwanu apo biii! uzingozinyerabe choncho chifukwa ngakhale utanena zotani palibe chingasinthe kapena iwe kupindulapo

    2. Ur sick who r u wht do u knw abt dpp mwana wahule atate ako mbava .We r the one suffered wth it at luchenza hall 10pm to make sure dat bingu is out of udf dat tym it was friends of bingu tishert colour was white where were u ? It was UP 15YRS AGO WHERE WERE U?Now ur using ur nakednes writting fuken comment dressup fast mwana wanjoka iwe.Ths is nt dpp it was gone wth bingu ths is leftovers of dpp .

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