Heavy rains destroys houses in Dowa, renders 12 families homeless


Hundreds of people in Nyongo village, Traditional authority Chiwewe in Dowa district are destitute after heavy rains blew off roofs and completely destroyed some houses in the area last week.


The rainy season is back.

According to Mponera Aids and Counselling Centre (Maicc) programmes manager George Kaunda, 78 households have been affected in Nyongo alone and among them 12 houses have been completely demolished.

Group village head Nyongo said the heavy rains were accompanied by strong winds.

“As I was hurrying to check where the noise was coming from, l saw iron sheets from my house being blown off. I quickly called my family outside and we stood outside soaking in the rains,” he said.

Nyongo added that most people in the village have no shelter and are struggling to access food since most of their belongings were in the houses.



  1. Kunakakhala kuno kwathu pano anthuwa atathandizidwa kale, koma central region AAA zawo zimenezo.

  2. hehehehe..ayayaya..koma kuli kanthu..ISIS ivutire pake kunonso ndizimenezi..M’Baibulo analemba kuti:”Masautso omwe azaoneke m’nthawiyo, sanaokepo chilengedwereni dziko lapansi ndipo sazaonekanso.” nthawi ija mwina ndiyimeneyi..

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