Ntchisi herbalist handed 10 years imprisonment for rape


The Ntchisi magistrate court on Monday sentenced a 42 year old Malawian herbalist to 10 years imprisonment with hard labor for raping a 35 year old lady who had gone to consult him for traditional medication.

Confirming the development, Ntchisi Police Relations officer, Sergeant Gladson M’bupha identified the convict as Willard Jabesi from Traditional Authority Chioko in Ntchisi district.

M’bupha said the woman consulted the herbalist at his residence on October 26 to give her some herbs to enable her bear a child. He said the traditional healer told the victim to get seated.

CourtHe said when the woman got seated the herbalist brought some three bottles of herbs close to where the lady was sitting and commanded the lady to undress herself. She was later told to hold the herbalist with all her power.

After all was done in favour of the healer, the woman was later threatened to keep her mouth shut saying if she will tell the matter to anybody, she will be bewitched.

After two days, the woman reported the matter to her husband who advised her to report it to Police who later Jabesi.

Upon being interrogated in court, Jabesi admitted to have raped the woman. When passing her judgement, magistrate Dorothy Kalua of Ntchisi magistrate court, said the 10 years in jail should serve as a lesson to all people with the same bad tendencies.

Rape cases continue to rock the country despite stiff punishments being meted on perpetrators of rape.




  1. Anatofunaje mkaziyo. Anatomuvula, nkaesa anavula yekha? Akatomugwiriziransotu mwa mphamvu.

  2. Men who have faith in a masculine creator and have been circumcised often develop psychosis of superior complexes over women and think because of their sacrifice that women should submit sexually to them. Because of the Jewish American promotion of circumcision in Malawi, rape and HIV infections are increasing, as it does in other countries that put their faith in prepuce excisions instead of proper health and ethics education.

  3. Kod hebouryo anachita ku muuitana maio ?iye anali patchito yaketu.

    Onse apite .

  4. It’s not rape infact, I think the herbalist was following the procedure of healing than disease. Why the woman didn’t act at that time right there? I believe that the woman’s husband came across that something went wrong with his food, and the woman suggested to twist the whole story against the herbalist which is very bad coz it was an agreement, besides the herbalist didn’t call that lady..
    This herbalist lacked knowledge to defend himself and the unqualified judges take an advantage which is not good. He is not deserve to be imprisoned.

  5. Ma abortion mumachita muli nsungwana aja zotsatila zake ndizimenezo,mxiiii

  6. Haaaa zofuna undressed herself holding the herbalist tight aaa zausilu basi

  7. hold me,,,welo,,,coz u can lose ur blessing n she did,,,,n the herba man try to penetrate her n she refuse,,,the herba man waz not wrong coz he waz doing his JOB,,,plz release him

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