Mutharika coy on buying new jet

Peter Mutharika

The Malawi government led by President  Peter Mutharika has made a U-turn on a purported move to procure a presidential jet , days after the media blew the whistle that there were plans for the move.

Reports had it that government had in stock the plans to purchase the jet after the economy gets back on track.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika UN trip sparkled debate.

But in response, to an article that the Malawi News carried on  31 October, 2015,government has shrugged off the reports.

In a press statement released on Saturday, October 31, signed by information minister, Jappie Mhango, government says this is not true at all.

The press statement states that neither the president nor any government agency has plans to procure a presidential jet now or in future.

The information minister in the statement said the state president’s commitment to exercising financial prudence and cutting down on unnecessary expenditure remains as ever before.

The press statement also states that the government of  Mutharika remains committed to supporting the freedom of the press.

The development comes after Malawi News claimed to have quoted the presidential press secretary, Gerald Viola, who we understand has since been axed alleging that it is the aim of the Malawi government to purchase a presidential jet, a statement that government says is a misquote.



  1. Hiring a presidential jet is more expensive than owning it. I support govt on the concept of purchasing a jet so that our President should be free to attend important functions abroad. A case can be studied and witnessed recently whereby our President flopped to attend a crucial function in India. This was due to the cost cutting issues which the country has embarked on. Hiring a jet for this trip would have triggered detriment to our tax money which we are paying to the Govt.

  2. Tiyeni tigwirane manja,pothana ndi mavuto ali pano kaye,chichanzeru kugula ndegeyo,okwera ndi angati kusiyana ndi kugula makhwala zipatala athandizike ndi anthu ochuluka,ndale za kale zimenezo

  3. bola atagula ndege kusiyana kumakwera matora amaononga ndalama.chitsilu ndi hule uja #JB,kugulitsa ndege mbuzi ya munthu ndi dziko iti lilibe private jet.

  4. iam supporting gvt to buy a jet in order to reduce hiring cost any time.nanga ndiziko lanji kopanda ndege ya President

  5. Crooks in our yards. Started by increasing their salaries by atleast 80%. Then, the media blew the whistle and there was a U-turn. The media knew too late about UNGA emblezzling. But still I heard the whistle being blown. Keep up that good work media.

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