Police impound 57 bags of chamba from Zimbabweans


Malawi Police in Kasungu have impounded 57 bags of chamba weighing 50 Kg each during an operation last night.

police malawi

Police in action (File Photo)

According to reports, the law enforcers were tipped by informants that a Zimbabwean truck with a registration number of AC8912A was moving the illegal drug.

It is reported that two Zimbabweans and two Malawians were involved in the purchase and wanted to hide the Indian hemp on the truck before returning to Zimbabwe.

The two Zimbabweans are truck driver Colbert Chisandure, 35, and Nabeti Chiwira, 37, and the two Malawians are Rodrick Naphitale of Chimbwi village, Traditional Authority Khongoni in Lilongwe and Osman Hassan, 39, from Traditional Authority Mponda in Mangochi.

The suspects are being remanded at Lilongwe Police Station.

Meanwhile, Police have also arrested 56 Ethiopians for entering the country without any travelling documents.



  1. chamba ndi mlandu ukapezeka nacho ugwidwa ndipo ukagwira ukaidi uku ukudikira legalisation.. tione ngati azakupase chipepeso. lemekeza lamulo. suta,gulisa bola osagwidwa

  2. We are waiting for the whites to tell us that there’s are dollars in Chamba growing.Once black our thinking is also black.Shame on us.

  3. kkk,ndimaganiza ngati apeza matumba 57 amakwacha omwe adabedwa aja,mukulimbana ndi chokudya cha anzanu pomwe inu yachinyengo yanu ija mumathyolera nthumba.

  4. fuck u ,when u will legalise chamba in malawi? tell them they must also get beer from all kasungu bottle stores,bars etc,,,,,,,,state house crew also smoke chamba go and arest them or do operation there u will defenitly found it.