Phalombe Police nets man for rape


arrestedMalawi Police in  Phalombe district  have arrested a 25-year-old man for sexually assaulting a 3 year old girl, Malawi24 has established.

Southern Region police deputy spokesperson Wisdom Nhlane confirmed the arrest and identified the suspect as Siston Mpohiwa.

Nhlane said that Mpohiwa defiled the girl after he took advantage of the absence of her mother.

“Mpohiwa defiled the girl in his house after he saw that her mother was not around,” said Nhlane.

Nhlane added that Mpohiwa was arrested after Police received a report from the girl’s mother and he will soon appear before court to answer defilement charges.

The suspect hails from Likhula village in the area of traditional authority Kaduya in Phalombe district.



  1. The problem is the law is too soft to the rapists.The rapist must be charged with k50,000 fine plus 15years in prison with hard labour .This can help to eradicate this nonsense.

  2. Ufulu wa kavalidwe ndi umene ukukolezera zimene and they choose young ones bcz sangathe kuziteteza pa okha wat kind of rights dat violate some1 rights freedom of dressing can goes togather with freedom of rape bat most shamefull thing kugwililira mwana osalakwa shame

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