Nkhatabay Secondary School state worries students

students Malawi

Students at Nkhatabay Secondary School in Malawi’s Northern Region have expressed great worry over the dilapidated state the school is currently in.

This comes weeks after the Northern Region Water Board disconnected water supply at the institution, leaving students and teachers with an extra time consuming work to search for water from other sources.

“We are spending a lot of time running up and down to look for water to drink, wash our clothes and use for taking a bath every day. This is affecting our studies, and we just can’t give in our best to studies,” said one student who did not want to be named.

students Malawi
Students worried. (File)

The Headmaster of Khatabay Secondary School acknowledged in an interview that the school is indeed in bad shape and that management is failing to run the school due to lack of financial resources.

The school is run on grants from the Catholic Church in the diocese, and the Ministry or Education, Science and Technology said that government could not come in to help as there is no policy for government to support grant aided institutions in the country.

The ministry, through its spokesperson, indicated that the only support government renders to grant aided institutions like Khatabay Secondary School is the provision and support of teaching staff, and provision of learning and teaching materials.

Reports from Mzuzu Diocese Catholic Church indicate that the church is currently pressured to use its limited resources in so many pressing social and economic needs of people in the diocese. However, the church has called on well-wishers to come along with any help that will ease the problems at Khatabay Secondary School.

Khatabay Secondary School has existed for about 60 years now, and most of its infrastructure especially classroom blocks, ceiling, hostels and water supply is in very sorry state.



  1. There is need to join hands and reshape this once beautiful school.
    The school saved the whole north of Malawi before 1996, it just changed to see the central included and suffocating the north in the process.
    Change it back and see if change will not come. North schools should not have 70% selection from central and 30% from north, that’s poor ideas, poor governance.

  2. Hey its nt just a matter of blamin hu and hu but show ur concern by tekin a step to renovate……da rockin NKHABOSS…….XO DAT IT WL CONTINUE EXISTIN NANGA IZANGOKHALA HISTORY KUT KUNALI NKHABOSS FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY?

  3. Ummmm!!! Catholic can run it better like Marist and Mary Mount.The alumnis not even playing part

  4. too bad for my NKHABOSS, CASSIM CHILUMPHA, Symon Vuwa Kaunda, do something plz mwaphunzilatu pompa

  5. Shame on u catholic,govt and the alumini of this school including KASIMU CHILUMPHA 4 leting this happen whyl their eyes r wide open on this.its pity 4 my alma mater

  6. vuto la quota system , eni ake atonga ndi a church anyanyala. ministry of education asathawe apa zonsezi apangisa ndiwo

    1. your ignorant man! that xul doesnt benefit bonafide Tonga tribe even iif they raise it down our kids will nat be affected do your research.wii are the most educated minority aftr all imay forgve you for beiing fed wrong iinfo coz no #Seydou is a Malawian

  7. Paja nkhata bay second sch anasankhilapo anthu akumwela okha ati quarter that’s why are treated like that people complain about nkhata bay selection bt to no avail that is the results now

  8. Most of public boarding schools are archaic with huge leakages leading to alarming water bills. No wonder for the disconnection. BUT the question is: how come that teachers are also affected? Do they use the resource on school account??? Water systems were supposed to be completely independent of each other. Mmmm Tiyeni nazo. The Water board here are just doing their work to stop serving defaulters. They also need funds for their operations to serve faithfuls

  9. Thats total shit!how could that be,u expect a student who is tired from drawin water to concentrate in class?yo being so mean,inu munaphunzila bwinobwino,dont make it worse 4 these youngones,,,mapeto ake mufuna kutseka xul yo!!!be mature please!!!

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