Malawi Police officer arrested for facilitating robbery


ArrestedMalawi Police have arrested a fellow cop who was on court bail in Blantyre following confessions of a group of allegedly armed gangs that he has been supplying them with police equipment.

According to Limbe Police Deputy Spokesperson, Bedzisai Zembeneko, identified the officer as Kondwani Guta who was previously caught two times with two legal offences of robbery with violence in Chinkhwawa and Blantyre.

Zembeleka said that the suspect will soon appear in court for the third time and will answer charges of being found in illegal possession and supply of fire arms.

It is believed that the suspect was also in a company of five other armed robbers who recently robbed an Asian of K2.5 million in Limbe Township.



  1. if these pple supposed to cath thieves are doing what is supposed to be done by thieves,then wats nxt?

  2. umbava kumalawi kuno amapanga ndi apolisi. Lamulo ligwire ntchito pa wapolisiyu. worst still wapalamula kangapo anzake apolisi akungopenya. f**k

  3. Good news, osamuopa chifukwa ndi police, ngati ndi mbala apite kundende basi. Please don’t stop, go ahead, I like that. kuba kwa mfuti kutha mmalawi.

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