Lawyers file complaint to human rights body over Mchacha appointment


Women Lawyers Association of Malawi (WLA) has referred to the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) the matter of gender insensitive cabinet and President Arthur Peter Mutharika refusal to fire Charles Mchacha from the cabinet.

This follows the expiry of two week period the lawyers gave to Mutharika to review his cabinet which has three women.

The female lawyers have requested MHRC to investigate the reasons for Mutharika to reshuffle his cabinet.

The lawyers want Mchacha fired

The women lawyers are also against the appointment of ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regional governor for the Southern Region Charles Mchacha as deputy minister for Homeland Security ministry saying he has been gender insensitive following his “attacks” on women.

Mchacha is on record to have called women who are in support of political UTM to be “prostitutes”.

The lawyers want the Malawi leader remove Mchacha and review his cabinet within seven days.

WLA has since threatened to take legal action if Mutharika fails to meet their demands raised in the petition submitted to him.

President Mutharika reshuffled his cabinet weeks ago taking his deputy Saulos Chilima out of the list following political differences that emerged after Chilima launched his political movement.


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  1. It is right to complain. But it is unjustifiable when your complaints have baseless intention. Lawyers in this country have over years seen a lot of favors from sitting governments with clear history of female lawyers appointed to most influential positions; what is it that you want? if you want to be educated on this trend of events please ask those who know about you.
    Secondly whether with female lawyers or not Malawi is drowning deeper into monstrous sea of poverty every day. Even if the president appoints 95% of female lawyers into positions wished this fact will remain a tale of the day because lawyers are not practicing what they learned to defend the rights of the people and act justly with a picture of the law; they watch over wishes of politicians being formed as laws to be reflected on; justice is lacking in this country.
    Thirdly what do lawyers think about this country on the law allowing formulation of 193 constituencies and appointment of over 40 ministerial positions and payment of Village leaders salaries in a small very underdeveloped country like this? is it a developmental machinery or a strategy to maximize poverty? lawyers surely you are not helping this country to review and deal away with this economic slavery brought about ill hearted politicians..

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