Kasambara to be laid to rest on Monday, autopsy say he died of a heart failure 

Lawyer Kasambara

The body of the Late Ralph Kasambara, who died on Friday in Lilongwe, will be lad to rest on Monday in his home district of Nkhatabay.

Kasambara died at a lodge in the Capital City and the Malawi Police Service said  preliminary findings after an autopsy pointed to heart failure as the cause of his death. 

Peter Kalaya,  who is the national police spokesperson told the local media that pathologists Dr Tamiwe Tomoka and Dr Andy Mwale conducted the autopsy at Goodwill Mortuary on Saturday in Lilongwe.

Kalaya said the autopsy has revealed that the death of the former Attorney General and former Minister of Justice was cardiomyopathy accompanied by cardiomegaly, commonly known as heart failure. 

Meanwhile, Kalaya says samples have been gathered to conduct a more thorough chemical examination whose results will be provided to police to help them in their further investigations. 


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