NGO empowers  youth in Lilongwe through technical skills

Chikondi Nkhoma

A Non-Governmental Organization called Tingathe has trained 1000 youth in Lilongwe through different technical skills. The youth are from Mtandire, Mtsiliza, Njewa, and Senti.

The youth have been trained in tailoring and fashion designing, carpentry and Joinery, hospitality management as well urban horticulture.

The programs coordinator at Tingathe Chikondi Nkhoma stated yesterday during a meeting with community leaders from the areas where the project is being implemented that their organization has been helping the youth by teaching them various skills so that they can become independent and have something to do rather than just staying.

Patrick Manjolo
My life has changed – Manjolo

“As Tingathe we have different programs,  we work with the youth, and we offer information skills to the youth. We also work with men and women in imparting them with leadership and entrepreneurship skills. So far we have assisted 1000 youth from 2017 to 2023. This year we haven’t started the program but we are expecting to reach more than 50 youth this year,” said Nkhoma.

According to Nkhoma, the beneficiaries of the program are now capable of launching their businesses, taking charge of their own lives, and making improvements in their respective homes.

She continued to say that in the future their organization will help a lot of youth as well as women in business so that they should sustain their lives.

In his remarks, Former Inspector General of Malawi Police Lot Dzonzi who was the guest of honour at the event, hailed Tingathe for the initiative that has helped a lot of youth in areas like Mtsiliza, Njewa, and Senti.

According to Dzonzi, the project has improved the lives of local youth, the majority of whom are currently employed. 

Dzonzi also urged community leaders to support organizations that initiate such projects, as they consistently provide several benefits to the community.

“So as leaders, as village heads, they are very key to the success of every project being implemented in the community and they need to work together with organizations like Tingathe and also support them. These projects aim to create sustainability in their communities so that the people’s lives are altered long term as opposed to momentarily” said Dzonzi.

One of the beneficiaries of the project Patrick Manjolo from Senti stated that his life completely changed after being trained by Tingathe in a hospitality and management course.

“I was one of the people who benefited from the project that Tingathe was implementing in our area. After finishing the hospitality and management course,  I opened my bakery and that bakery has truly helped me a lot. I was able to purchase two motorcycles in addition to a plot. It would have been extremely impossible for me to do what I have now accomplished without Tingathe coming up with the initiative,” said Manjolo.


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