Africa CDC support MoH with cold chain equipment

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Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention ( Africa CDC) has donated cold chain equipment to the Ministry of Health. The equipment includes 722 vaccine carriers, 6 freezers, 2p vaccine refrigerators, 12 cold boxes, 7 solar-powered refrigerators and various spare parts.

The equipment will strengthen the Malawi EPI program by improving the storage capacity of all vaccines.

Speaking after receiving the equipment, Deputy Minister of Health Halima Daudi said the equipment will greatly enhance the capacity of MoH to deliver vaccines to every corner of Malawi, reaching even the most remote and underserved communities.

“As you are aware, Immunization is one of the key strategies that the Ministry of Health is using to prevent communicable Diseases especially vaccine-preventable diseases in the country. Therefore, the donation we are receiving today is very timely as it will facilitate implementation of the immunization services in the country by ensuring cold chain for our vaccines,” she explained.

According to Daudi, the equipment will play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and effective storage of vaccines, ultimately leading to improved immunization

coverage and the prevention of vaccine-preventable diseases in the country. 

“Malawi recently suffered from several catastrophic events including Cyclones, Covid-19 Pandemic, Polio and Cholera, the country`s resource basket underwent a huge set back in the delivery of health care services including immunization, therefore the support from the Africa CDC has come at the right time,” said Daudi.

Regional Director of Africa CDC, Dr. Lul Pout Riek, said the equipment will support Malawi’s expanded program on immunization by improving the storage capacity of all vaccines and the introduction of new ones knowing that vaccines are the best way to protect Malawian children and communities from preventable diseases.

“This handover marks just the first phase of our commitment to Malawi. We are planning phase two that will focus on completing the vaccination of healthcare workers and vulnerable groups, building a robust workforce of community health workers,” he said.

He added that cold chain equipment will help the Ministry of Health to reach out to the most remote areas in Malawi, overcoming power, transport and storage challenges therefore fulfilling its mandate to reach every child in the urban and mostly rural communities.

Africa CDC has supported the Ministry of Health with the cold chain equipment in collaboration with UNICEF, and Master Card Foundation.


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