Court revives Chilumpha’s treason case


In an unexpected turn of events, former vice president Cassim Chilumpha, who is also running for president in the 2025 elections, will in September this year start appearing before the court to continue answering charges of treason, a case which was discontinued. 

Last year the High Court discharged the case involving Chilumpha who was accused of plotting to assassinate former president late Bingu Wa Mutharika. 

However, in April this year, the state through its lawyers, wrote the court, expressing its interest to continue with prosecution. 

In her ruling, High Court Judge Ruth Chinangwa has ordered that the case be restored because the previous discharge did not prevent further legal action. 

“It is this court’s view that the State needs not to apply to prosecute the matter because a discharge does not operate as a bar to subsequent proceedings on the same facts if carried out within 12 months.

“The court is aware of the delay of 15 years in prosecuting the matter. The court record will show that the State, defense, and the court remained silent during the 15 years,” reads part of the judgment. 

Chinangwa has since set September 16 to 20 2024 as dates when the matter should start. 

The treason case commenced in 2006 when the state alleged that Chilumpha conspired with Yusuf Matumula and hired assassins from South Africa to topple the then President, the late Mutharika. 


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