Jetu reunites with her daughter in South Africa after 14 years


Until now Ana Banda, Jetu’s only surviving child had been unknown.

All what was known was that she has been away from home and her family for 14 years. Nothing more. 

In an interview on Sunday, Ana said she left the country in an attempt to fend for her mother and four children, one of them being Emu Dee, the brains behind Jetu’s brand.

“Emu Dee is my second born child. I have been responsible for his education from primary all the way to college,” said Ana. 

Apart from ensuring her children attain education, Ana says she also built her mother a house in Mchinji, where she was based until last year when her husband died and the one they are currently staying in Bangwe. 

She said: “After my father died I advised Emu Dee to get his grandmother under his custody just minimise her stress.”

On Friday 31 May 2024 Ana, her mother and son reunited after 14 years, and she said she is grateful to everyone who has made this possible. 

“Looking at her age, her story is unbelievable. I think it will help demystifying some myths which always relate old people to witchcraft,” she said. 

Ana is Jetu’s only surviving child out of the nine children she had. 

Friday morning, Malawi’s amapiano sensation Jetu bid farewell to her home country as she embarked on a highly-anticipated tour of South Africa! The talented artist, born Christina Malaya, is headed to the Rainbow Nation for a string of electrifying performances starting this weekend!

With her unique sound and infectious energy, Jetu is ready to take the South African music scene by storm.

After a successful career in drama and comedy, Jetu turned to music following the loss of her husband in 2019.

Her debut single “Ali Ndi Ine” has been a huge hit, and she’s now ready to share her passion with a new audience.


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