106 employees to lose jobs at Malawi Posts Corporation

Malawi Posts Corporation

As part of what it calls ‘the right-sizing’ process’, the Malawi Post Corporation (MPC) says it will fire 106 employees.

In a statement, the Corporation’s spokesperson Idah Nkolimbo says the employees to be affected are entitled to a three month notice of pay as per employment contract and severance pay.

Says Nkolimbo: “Any accrued and approved unused leave days will be commuted and paid to you.

“The pension benefits will be processed in accordance with the Pension Act of 2023, ensuring that employees receive the full benefits they are entitled to.

“Employees will also be provided transport from their duty station to their home. Employees are supposed to request transportation within one year, that is up to September 30, 2024,” Kazembe said.

MPC is a government owned corporation responsible for the postal service and some financial services in Malawi. The Corporation has 693 employees countrywide.

The firing of 106 employee comes as the country is facing economic challenges such as shortage of forex and rise in prices of good under the Lazarus Chakwera administration.