Man found dead in forest in Mzimba


A 60-year-old man, Griffin Banda, has been found lying dead along a foot path in Kamphambe forest in Mzimba.

It has been established that Griffin Banda now left home on August 20, 2023 in search of a tree to make a hole handle but did not return home.

He was, however, discovered by a passer-by in the morning of the following day around 06:00 hours lying dead 2 kilometres away from his home village inside the forest.

Villagers reported to Emfeni Police unit about the incident.

The Police together with medical personnel from Emfeni Health Centre visited the scene.

Post-mortem revealed that Banda was bitten by an unknown animal and died due to internal and external breading.

However, the police and the medical personnel were unable to establish the kind of an animal that bit Banda. No foul play has been suspected.

Police advice members of the community to avoid walking alone during night and when visiting the forests as the forestry department is yet to identify the said animal.

Banda hailed from Yonge Banda Village, Traditional Authority Mabulabo in Mzimba Districts.