Malawi Attorney General attends 3–week workshop in UK meant for junior lawyers


Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda is in the United Kingdom to attend a workshop meant for junior lawyers, spending K14 million in taxpayers’ money.

A report by The Investigator Magazine says Nyirenda is attending an African Academy training on arbitration which has been arranged by a Nigerian and will last for three weeks. Nyirenda during his time in the United Kingdom has been visiting various legal firms where junior partners in the law firms in the UK.

Nyirenda has been in the UK since 9th June and is expected to return after 28 June, exceeding the Malawi Government’s 14-day limit for a foreign trip. Taxpayers are expected to cough up K14 million on Nyirenda’s trip.

Meanwhile, Nyirenda has been criticized for the trip with analysts saying the Attorney General has shown that he is not serious about his job.

“A whole Attorney General attending a legal workshop for 3 weeks shows he has nothing to do in office or he is not serious. He is the Head of the bar. He has nothing to do or he is not required in office,” an analyst said.

In recent weeks, there have been calls for Nyirenda to resign over his failure to recover K750 million which was fraudulently paid to a butchery in the UK for the purchase of fertilizer.

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