Nkhata Bay school demands K180,000 from each student over property damage


Parents of students at Nkhata Bay Secondary School have threaten to protested the schools’ decision ordering all students to pay K180,000 each for damage caused to school property.

Parents argue that the school is punishing innocent students instead of only punishing students involved in the violent acts.

In February this year, students at the school burnt and looted the administration block including offices of the head teacher and bursar. Reports indicate that the school expelled 23 Form 4 students over the violence.

The school has now put the cost of the damaged at K50 million and wants all students to pay.

In a communication to parents dated 15 April, headteacher for the school Vitumbiko Banda has said each student should pay K180,000 and has to show proof of payment before being allowed into school on Monday, 17 April.   

Other than this, the school has also ordered the Form 1 and 3 students to pay part of K220,000 Kwacha school fees while the those in Forms 2 and 4 have to pay the same amount in full upon arrival.

This has angered parents who, through lawyer Christen Ghambi, have protested the school’s decision saying not all students were involved in the looting and arson.

According to a letter which we have seen, Ghambi has faulted the school for deciding to punish all students before they have been heard or before investigations

“It is the demand of our clients that investigations should be done and culprits should be punished accordingly, be it by criminal penal sanctions or restitution of destroyed items,” reads part of the letter.

Ghambi has since warned that the parents will take action if the school does not review its decision.

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