Castel Malawi introduces 330ML bottle for Gin


Castel Malawi has introduced a new 330ML bottle of Malawi Gin, Malawi Vodka and Premier Brandy.

According to a statement released by Castel Malawi Deputy sales and marketing manager Nelson Zoto Banda, the 330ML bottle Malawi Gin and Vodka will be sold at MK2500 kwacha on retail price while Premier Brandy will be sold at MK4500.

Banda says the decision has been made in order to reach out to those people who cannot afford to buy a 750ML bottle of these spirits.

“The new packaging is an extension to the existing spirit line, and it is the same spirit as you know it,” reads part of the statement.

He says their customers who sell alcohol will be able to make about 11 percent profit on these spirits.

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