Priscilla Kayira attacks Dana Dime Domoya


Malawi celebrated DJ, Priscilla Kayira, waged war on Twitter against socialite Dana Domoya on Sunday morning.

From a series of deleted tweets, Priscilla who wedded Romuled Nsane last October went all ballistics at her fellow Lilongwe socialite, Dana Dime Domoya.

Priscilla called out Dana of the Domoya sisters fame for gossiping following a footage leak.

“Instead of talking about how to make your struggling business flourish Dana Dime, you and ugly friends you want to talk about me and my family. Priorities please”, tweeted Priscilla.

Priscilla clarified on follow up tweets why she had called out Dana Domoya.

“Her and friends were caught on camera gossiping about me and my family, she forgot to mute or maybe she was just sharing with the world…I am asking her all of a sudden she has forgotten”.

A video clip which is currently circulating on social media captures the moment a group of ladies are saying Priscilla has accumulated a huge debt for having her wedding at Kumbali. Priscilla Kayira married Romuled Nsane after an allegation of cheating took Twitter by storm.

Dana Dime

The gossipers allege that Priscilla is failing to repay her debts. They allege that the media personality only found refugee in her mother who is repaying the gigantic wedding loan and bills.

Anthu mumanditola kwambiri... You can discuss me all you want but you actually need to have facts. I didn’t know having my wedding at Kumbali pained y’all… Way I struggle to make money you just open your fat legs uko“, Priscilla, who works for the Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS), responded to the gossip.

The media personality insinuated that some of the women who accused her of failing to repay her wedding bills are earning money by selling sex.

Priscilla has now deleted her tweets.

“Anyway. We move [on]. My husband says I should be kind and nice [to] gossipers”.

Despite deleting her tweets, the screenshots continue to be a hotcake on social media.

Dana Domoya

Dana Domoya is yet to comment on the matter. However, she wrote on WhatsApp.

“When the gist comes at the wrong time… The streets ain’t safe”, reads screenshots of her two WhatsApp statuses that people are sharing together with Priscilla’s tweets.