We are ready to restore Malawi –  Mutharika


Former President Peter Mutharika says the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is ready to restore Malawi’s economy and continue its plan to turn Malawi into Singapore.

Speaking yesterday when he held a rally at St Augustine Primary School, Mutharika said the DPP has strategies in place to revive the economy which he said is being destroyed under President Lazarus Chakwera.

Mutharika wondered why Chakwera contested for the presidency when he had no idea what he would do with the presidency.

“In 2014, we found a damaged economy but we managed to fix the economy,” said Mutharika. “Right now, we are also ready to fix Malawi. We already have a recovery plan to restore the economy and if we return to power, we will improve the economy within six months.”

Mutharika also criticized the Chakwera administration for abandoning DPP administration programs such as Malata and cement subsidy, construction of technical colleges and business loans for women youth.

He claimed that, if the DPP was still in power, it would have continued its projects such as the planned construction of a resort city in Mangochi as part of its dream to turn Malawi into Singapore.

“If I were still the president, Malawi would have been like Singapore by now,” said Mutharika.

He, however, said he is still consulting on people’s calls for him to contest in the 2025 presidential elections.

The former Malawi leader then urged DPP members to work together so that the party should remain strong and return to power.

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