Please sue — Chisa Mbele


Activist Joshua Chisa Mbele says lawsuits will not gag him from calling out corrupt institutions and practices by Malawi Government officials.

Mbele has said this after being sent a demand letter by Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) chairperson Innocentia Ottober over a Facebook post.

Ottober is demanding an apology and K200 million damages from Mbele saying his post gravely injured her reputation as it can be concluded that she is corrupt and is manipulated by Secretary to the President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba.

However, in his response shared on his Facebook Page, Mbele has told Ottober through her lawyers Likongwe that they can go ahead and sue.

The social media activist has argued that he already apologised to Ottober through his Facebook Page.

“You have put words in me, my mouth and sued. I never said all that crap. You made your own conclusion,” said Mbele.

In another Facebook post, Mbele said the threats to sue are intended to intimidate people from questioning things.

He argued that public officers who receive public money can’t intimidate the public.

“If you are too honest, too holy, too respectable for scrutiny then public position is not yours.

“We are burdened by poverty created by the state and as such we have no sympathy when burgeoning public officers to death.

“We cannot be intimidated. I refuse intimidation.

“I will never bend my tail to a government employee or anyone who get paid from taxpayers money,” he wrote.

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