Teeth Savers drills about 128,736 primary school pupils on oral health across Malawi


As one way of promoting oral hygiene among primary school pupils under Bright Smiles, Bright future program, Teeth Savers International in partnership with Colgate Palmolive had reached out to 128,736 pupils in Lilongwe, Blantyre and Mzuzu where among other things each pupil received a toothbrush and toothpaste.

The initiative has benefited 49824 in Blantyre and Lilongwe while 29088 learners benefited in Mzuzu City and Mzimba North.

Some of the schools visited in Lilongwe were Mtsiliza, Mitundu, Mlale, Tsabango 1, Ngwenya, Livimbo and Chatata while Zolozolo, Moyale Barracks, Ekwaiweni, Embombeni, Ekwendeni are some of the schools visited in Mzuzu.

Nyambadwe, Namilango, South Lunzu, Nanjiriri, Bangwe, Zingwangwa and Chilimba Primary Schools benefited as well in Blantyre.

Speaking after the exercise, Teeth Savers International Country Director Fred Sambani said they would want to see pupils having an increased knowledge on oral health considering that person’s mouth is an integral part of the body that requires a serious attention.

Sambani said any sort of oral health, if not taken care of, can affect the entire body.

“Fit means being health, if you are going to be health, it must be in totality, the mouth and tissues are part of the body and therefore their health is part of the general health, if you don’t look after your teeth, if you have diseases in your mouth then you are not health,” said Sambani

Sambani said confidence in everything including interacting with friends and public speaking is inevitable when the mouth is in good condition.

He said taking good care of the mouth, teeth and gums is a worthy goal that needs to be cherished forever.

Chief Dental Therapist at Mzuzu Urban Health Centre Edwin Mhango commended both Teethsavers International and Colgate Palmolive for the gesture saying good oral health practices are paramount mostly to the young generation.

“The intervention by teethsavers international and Colgate Palmolive is very important as it increases oral health knowledge among the young stars land and let me ask some well-wishers to emulate what these organization,” he said

Headteacher for Ekwendeni Primary School in Mzimba Precious Kaunda said he was very excited that pupils are equipped with necessary knowledge in as far as oral health is concerned and further asked Colgate Palmolive and Teeth Savers to continue with the awareness.