NCIC sensitises stakeholders on digital registration system


National Construction Industry Council (NCIC) engaged its stakeholders on Wednesday in Lilongwe to sensitise them about the council’s electronic registration system.

Speaking with Malawi24, Constructors Training and Research Experts at NCIC Nema Kadaluka said that the council is mandated to register contractors, consultants and specialists in the industry in order to regulate the industry to ensure that what is done is according to the standards of the industry.

Kadaluka added that the industry’s registration system has been the paper kind of system and they are migrating from analogue to digital where registration, upgrading and applications is done electronically.

According to her, with the analogue system it was taking longer than they would want and it was not efficient as they anticipated the analogue system to be.

“With the introduction of digital system, we are looking forward to reducing the number of days it takes for an applicant to register or upgrade. We also had challenge of missing of applications because applicants were sending their copies in different ways and at the end of the day, we had complaints about missing of the documents,” she explained.

On his part, Malawi Building and Civil Engineering Contractors and Allied Trades Association (MABCATA) John Zinyongo said digital registration is a welcome development because it will ease the process of applying and registration and at the same time it shows that the country is developing because people have to move with technology as a way of achieving the 2063 development goals.

The NCIC was established through an Act of Parliament in 1996 with a clear mandate to regulate, promote and develop the construction industry in Malawi.

The NCIC’s mission is to create an enabling environment for the development of a vibrant, efficient and sustainable local construction industry that meets the demand for its services to support sustainable economic and social development objectives.

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