Christian rapper Joseph Asa preaches loyalty and humility in latest singles


Rapper Joseph Asa continues to spread the gospel and positivity in his music. His latest releases, See You Again and Gods Speed, have seen the artist tackle very sensitive issues of Christian loyalty, Christian growth and staying true to righteousness.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, Joseph Asa  who is a member of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) said his two singles are meant to change and impact lives.

“I use hip-hop gospel to change lives and I hope my two singles will impact people and forever change of lives. My target audience is every hip hop music lover despite age difference,’ said joseph Asa.

However, he further elaborated that the two latest releases contain issues that every church member can relate to and it’s not only where he is affiliated, ECG.

“The music is broad in general and the target is not only ECG but everyone. I do music for everyone, I want the messages to reach so many people,” he added.

Joseph proudly says he is not in music to enjoy the beauty of stardom but to serve God as his messenger. His dream is to travel around the world on a life changing mission.

“No matter how hot you are, you must know you’ll always get cold but with God who makes all things  we’re unstoppable. And I know the world hasn’t seen anything yet, my music will get far and many souls shall be saved,” he said.


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