Ridiculously extravagant: Church of England sister church offers bishop $1 million retirement package


Anglican Church in Malawi, the sister church of the Church of England, has offered one of its bishops a $1 million (K1 billion) retirement package.

Bishop Brighton Malasa, aged 46, of the  Upper Shire Anglican Diocese in Malawi will be given the package in order to retire early.

The decision follows calls by members of the church for Malasa to retire early due to various allegations against him.

In January this year, the Anglican Church gave the bishop up to June 2022 to  retire.

However, Malasa argued that since it is the church that wants him to leave, the church has to give him a house, vehicle, security and the total amount of the salary he was set to receive for the remaining 19 years.

The retirement package was later pegged at K1 billion.

Meanwhile, some priests in the Anglican Church have protested the move to give Malasa the package. Local media reports show that priests in the Upper Shire Anglican Diocese have  mobilized themselves in a bid to block the retirement package.

For years, some members of the Anglican Church have been petitioning church leaders demanding the removal of Malasa. They accuse him of misappropriating diocesan funds and taking the diocese as his personal farm. Malasa has always insited that the allegations are unfounded.

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  1. It shows how much they want to get rid of Brighton Malasa.

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