Nthondwa: I am attacked for rapping in Tumbuka


Celebrated master of Tumbuka rap Nthondwa has lamented over tribal stereotypes in Malawi’s music industry.

Writing on his Facebook page, the rapper has expressed discontent with some people’s tendency of speaking ill of his songs because they were done in Chitumbuka language.

“We enjoyed Fikisa doing it in Yao , nobody complained , we dance to Makhazi , nobody complains, we dance to Diamond, no problems with it. I do it in Tumbuka or Ngonde ati munvera Ku Mpoto konko! (They say it is meant for northerners only) Am I not Malawian?,” he quetioned

According to the Nkhughanile star, such attitude is retrogressive, hence the call for mindset change.

“Its high time we break all these tribal stereotypes. Its really affecting a lot of our internal structures as a country especially in the music industry . We are all Malawians.”

Commenting on the matter, his followers have encouraged him to ignore the negative energy.

“Iam a Chewa who understands a little of Tumbuka but Man!!! , you are so good!!!!. You made me love Tumbuka language,” reads one of the comments

Another comment reads, “Your talent is exceptional ase, don’t mind the negativity.”

Nthondwa whose real name is Chawanangwa got into the limelight with his Chitumbuka delivery, in the last decade.

The list of his popular songs include, Ntchemo, Nthengwa, and Fuego which features Afro RNB star Bucci.

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