Vincent Wandale demands K666 quadrillion from Malawi Government


Land rights activist Mussauwa Vincent Wandale has demanded Malawi Government to pay him K666 quadrillion for allegedly defaming him by declaring that he was insane.

Wandale, who has also accused the Government of attempting to murder him through drug overdose, has demanded that the money should be paid by the end of 21 days from 21 July, 2022.

The demands are contained in a letter dated 21 July, 2022, signed by Wandale and addressed to Attorney General Malawi and the Director of Public Prosecutions.

In 2016, Wandale’s People’s Land Organisation (PLO) declared Thyolo and Mulanje districts as one independent nation following government’s failure to resolve land issues in the district. Wandale was named head of state of the “independent state”.

Wandale was arrested in 2017 over his claims that he was head of state and was taken to Zomba Mental Health where he says he was declared as insane.

In his letter, Wandale has argued that the District Commissioner of Thyolo in April this year wrote the Office of the President and Cabinet about the decision by registered trustees of PLO to withdraw the declaration of independence and resume being Malawians. Wandale says the letter is proof that he was not spreading a false rumour by identifying himself as head of state of Thyolo and Mulanje.

He has also argued that the letter is proof that doctors lied by saying that he was insane because he declared himself to be leader of an independent state.

Part of Wandale’s letter

“I am now charging K666 quadrillion payable in gold equivalent by the Attorney General to me for the defamation of my character and attempting to murder me through haloperidol drug overdose at Zomba Mental Hospital as well as denying a true fact that the people of Mulanje and Thyolo declared their political independence out of Malawi.

“I also demand an apology from the Attorney General for the defamation of my character and falsely accusing me of criminal offence under the laws of Malawi which resulted in my interdiction from my work as director of agriculture and natural resources at the Ministry of Agriculture,” said Wandale.

The activist has also demanded the Attorney General to close the court case which was opened in 2017 but he is yet to take plea and the first hearing is set to take place in August this year.

Wandale has further demanded that his interdiction should be revoked and he should be reinstated with damages duly paid.

He has given the Attorney General 21 days to comply and has warned of severe consequences if his demands are not met.

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