Nankhumwa told to seek Mutharika’s consent for Blantyre rally


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice President for the South Kondwani Nankhumwa has been told to get approval from President Peter Mutharika for a rally which Nankhumwa plans to hold at Nyambadwe Ground in Blantyre.

Nankhumwa wrote DPP Regional Governor for the South, Charles Mchacha, about his plans to hold the rally on 31 July and meet Regional Executive Committee of the DPP to prepare for the rally.

However, in his response dated July 21, Mchacha has told Nankhumwa that he has to get approval from Mutharika before holding the rally.

“You will be allowed to hold the mass rally and meet Southern Regional Executive Committee only when you get such approval in writing,” said Mchacha.

Meanwhile, Nankhumwa has questioned the requirement for him to get approval from Mutharika and has suggested that he will proceed to hold the rally

“I have been a DPP vice president for the south since 2018. I have conducted several rallies across the country and I have never asked for a consent from the party president, why this call now,” Nankhumwa has told the local media.

The DPP appears to have two factions, one led by Mutharika and another led by Nankhumwa who served as a Cabinet Minister during the Mutharika administration.

Recently, the party removed Nankhumwa as Leader of Opposition in Parliament but Nankhumwa was reinstated after obtaining a court order.

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