Fuel shortage hits Mzuzu


There is a shortage of fuel in the city of Mzuzu and at the two filling stations where fuel is available, long lines of vehicles have formed.

At 6am today, long lines of vehicles laid near Clock Tower Puma filling Station to access fuel.

Mzuzu has about 9 fuel pumps but only two have petrol and diesel while others don’t have fuel.

One of the taxi drivers in town Jonas Msimuko said this has affected their businesses as they are not operating since their car tanks are empty.

“We are down and we don’t know what to do, everything has stopped as there is no fuel in our car tanks,” said Msimuko.

A pump attendant at one of the filling stations said they were advised to sell diesel only to some customers.

“We don’t have petrol but we are still keeping little quantity of diesel but our top boss told us not to sell to everyone except those notable customers,” the attendant said.

Unconfirmed reports show that fuel retailers are expecting Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority —MERA to hike fuel prices.

MERA is yet to comment on the matter.

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