76 people arested in Lilongwe as protests turn violent


Malawi Police have arrested 76 people over anti-judiciary protests in Lilongwe.

Meanwhile, Government spokesperson, Gospel Kazako, has described the protests as acts of lawlessness and has warned that such acts will not be tolerated.

Since morning, acts of violence related to the protests have been reported in areas such as 22, Biwi, 36 and Wakawaka in Lilongwe.The acts include closing roads, looting shops and pelting stones at vehicles.

Lilongwe Police Spokesperson Hastings Chigalu said the arrested people are being accused unlawful assembly, contempt of court and inciting violence.

Those arrested include leaders of Human Rights Ambassadors, the grouping which organised the protests.

The demonstrations were aimed at protesting against selective justice by the Judiciary. However, some businesspersons yesterday obtained an injunction against the protests, saying organisers should first provide assurances that the protests would be peaceful.

Despite the injunction, protesters went on to converge at Lilongwe Community Centre where police told them the protests would not go on.

The protesters later started burning tyres and pelting stones at vehicles.

Police officers have been on the streets of Lilongwe since morning, firing teargas and trying to stop the protests.

Chigalu said they have deployed enough officers on the streets in a bid to restore order.

Minister of Information, who is also spokesperson, Gospel Kazako has condemned the acts of violence and has warned that acts of lawlessness will not be entertained in the country.

According to Kazako, people need to know the difference between freedom of expression and criminality.

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