Malawi Police: We’ll only investigate if Nya-Uyu reports


The Malawi Police has said it can only investigate sexual misconduct of corporate CEOs if Nya-Uyu formally reports her allegations.

In an interview with Malawi24, National Police Spokesperson Harry Namwaza said that the police cannot start with investigations unless the comedian submits complaint to the police.

Namwaza added that it is difficult to find a case of a person who have been offered money in exchange of sexual favors unless she was forced to do so by locking her up in an office or any form of force but the police are ready to investigate whenever the case is brought to book.

“You should ask her first if she made a complaint to any police station. Once you are done come back to me so that I can cross-check,” explained.

When asked if she reported the matter to police, Nya-Uyu whose real name is Felistus Ngwira said: “keep your eyes glued on my [Facebook] page”.

Nya-Uyu over the weekend revealed that some top guns asked for sexual favours from her in exchange for sponsoring her Vilekeke Night of Laughter series and she posted the message on her Facebook page.

According to Ngwira, one wealthy man offered her K10 million in exchange for the forbidden fruit.

Nya-Uyu was at the centre of bringing to life the Vilekeke Nation Night of Laughter series which attracted international comedians.

The series which was set in Mzuzu, Lilongwe, and Blantyre attracted international comedians like William Las KRM from Botswana as well as Steffan Phiri, Ndine Emma, and Cosmas Ng’andwe from Zambia.

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