Martse went back into burning house, family says


The family of Martin Martse Nkhata says the rapper and other people managed to flee when fire started in the house they were in during the early hours of May 21 in Mangochi, but Martse went back into the house where he sustained burns which led to his death.

Speaking at the funeral today at Civo Stadium in Lilongwe, Uchizi Nkhata, a representative of the Nkhata family, said Martse, before he died, narrated to them what happened in Mangochi.

Mourners, including musicians at the funeral service

According to Uchizi, Martse went to Monkey Bay in Mangochi for vacation. During the early hours of May 21, Martse woke up and went to the living room to charge a phone.

Fire then broke out in the house and Martse together with other people managed to get out of the house.

According to Uchizi, Martse went back into the house. He was rescued but half of his body got burned by the fire.

The musician was taken to Mangochi Hospital. Martse was later referred to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital and was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit where he died on May 23.

“We saw him and he was not in a good state. Martse has died a painful death,” said Uchizi.


Uchizi Nkhata in his speech thanked all musicians and everyone who took part in grooming Martse in his music career.

“Martse is a household name. He achieved a lot. We are celebrating what he achieved in his career,” says Uchizi.

In his speech at the funeral, Minister of Wildlife and Culture Michael Usi noted that mourners appeared not satisfied with the story on Martse’s death.

Musicians performing during the funeral

He suggested that there is a need for more explanation on the circumstances leading to Martse’s death.

On his part, Minister of Youth Richard Chimwendo Banda said there should be an investigation by the police into the death of the musician.

Martse was born on 18th May 1994 and he died on 23rd May 2022.

He was a popular award-winning musician with hit songs such as ‘Go Deeper’, ‘Adidas’ and ‘Mwano’ which fellow musicians performed at the funeral.

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