Anglican Priests renew their vows to signify total dedication


By Raphael Likaka

Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of the Upper Shire, Brighton Vitta Malasa, has called on priests in the diocese to be humble and reflect their call to minister the word of God.

Bishop Malasa made the call at Malosa during a mass which saw priests under the Diocese of the Upper Shire renew their vows to serve the church with dedication.

The priests of the diocese also renewed their vows of obedience to a serving bishop.

Malasa  said the vows which the priests took signify the total dedication to God’s ministry and the mass also provided an opportunity to seek God’s guidance and wisdom in the course of the ministry.

He further asked the Anglican priests to be obedient and humble servants and that they should not discriminate against their congregants on the basis of economic status as every person was created in the likeness of God.

“l appeal to you my fellow priests that you should never be biased when serving your congregants, take it that everyone was created in God’s image,” Bishop Malasa added.

He also appealed to members Anglican Church in the Diocese of the Upper Shire to take Easter as a moment to celebrate man’s salvation with spiritual guidance as opposed to celebrating it in a circular way,”

“I urge you to celebrate Good Friday and Easter with responsibility and the spiritual sense of it, this is not the time for you to get carried away with immortality,” he said with a call to all Anglican faithful to celebrate the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Christ.

In his words, Vicar General of the Anglican Diocese of the Upper Shire, Canon Edward Kawinga, said the renewal of vows which the priests took was significant because it renewed their commitment to serve the church and their renewed obedience to a serving Bishop.

He therefore asked the priests to go and serve wherever the Bishop send them to minister without hesitation.

“Go and serve wherever the Bishop tells to go without resistance, ” the Vicar General, added.

The Mass of Renewal of Wows called together all the priests in the Anglican Diocese of the Upper Shire. The diocese has 285 prayer stations.