Court frees Ntcheu man who was filmed assaulting boy


Vincent Dzimadzi who was seen in a viral video clip assaulting a child last year has been acquitted on the charge of committing an act intended to cause grievous harm.

Ntcheu Senior Resident Magistrate’s court has delivered a ruling in the case today.

Dzimadzi was seen assaulting the boy in October last year up to a point of lifting him in the air and then throwing him on the ground, leaving the boy in agony.

The boy’s mother testified in court that the boy was accused of stealing 400 Kwacha and some undisclosed belongings from Dzimadzi’s vehicle.

Ntcheu Senior Resident Magistrate Joshua Nkhono rejected the use of the video clip as evidence saying prosecutors had failed to explain how the video was recorded and under what circumstances.

He added that even if the video evidence had been allowed, the state would have failed to prove that the said grievous wounding occurred on the victim.

“It is surprising to note that a person who was said to have been beaten by a rod had no any signs of such trauma on his body a day after the alleged incident,” said Nkhono.

He then ruled that the state has failed to prove that Dzimadzi intended to grievously harm the child.

Malawians on social have since expressed anger over the ruling with some suggesting that the clip was enough to lead to Dzimadzi’s conviction.

One social media user said: “How on earth with that horrific clip when you are watching it your body irritates and somebody defend it?”