Mozambique’s Disaster Commissioner visits flood victims in Malawi


The Commissioner for disaster in Mozambique, Luisa Meque, and her entourage visited some camps for flood victims in Nsanje on Thursday.

The three camps that were graced by the Commissioner of disaster in Mozambique are Nyamithithi, Mmembe and Bangula camps.

“As neighbors, Mozambican Government thought it wise to donate food items to victims of floods in Malawi bearing in mind that some of them are Mozambicans since Malawians and Mozambicans are one, it is only the colonial boundaries that separate us,” said Meque.

She also asked the distributors to give food to all victims regardless of nationality as they are eligible beneficiaries of the donation.

Commissioner for disaster in Malawi Dr. Charles Kalembo asked victims to live in harmony with each other as they are one despite colonial boundaries that separate two countries.

He also asked them to prepare themselves to voluntarily go back to their respective homes and prepare their gardens for next harvest when rainy season comes to an end.

Earlier on, the District Commissioner for Nsanje Dr. Medson Matchaya narrated that since January 24, 2022 the council has been accommodating victims of floods and Nsanje District Council has proved to be the best in as far as management is concerned.

He then thanked Mozambican Government for the donation before asking individuals and organizations to emulate the same since the food supplied to victims is not enough to meet the large number of people that have been affected.

Some of the camps are accommodating more than 3000 families.

The donated food items will be distributed to all camps in Nsanje regardless of nationality.