The Ministry of National Unity is useless, Malawians tell Chakwera


Malawians have questioned the retention of Ministry of National Unity, saying there is no war in Malawi to warrant such a ministry.

President Lazarus Chakwera dissolved his cabinet on Monday and Malawians on social media proposed that the Ministry of National Unity and Civic Education headed by former anti-government protests leader Timothy Mtambo should be scrapped off.

“If it were in my hands, I would dissolve the Ministry of National Unity,” said one person on social media.

There was a little bit of hope on Thursday when there was no Ministry of National Unity in the initial 12-member cabinet list government released on Thursday morning.

However, Malawians were alarmed when the ministry appeared on the final list of ministers released on Friday with Mtambo maintained as minister.

Malawians on social media have continued to remind President Chakwera that the ministry is useless.

“The Ministry of National Unity is useless and irrelevant. That’s the prevailing view amongst a majority of Malawians,” said Moran Banda on Facebook.

Other social media users argued that there are no divisions in Malawi to warrant the Ministry of National Unity

“Ministry of national unity? Are we that divided,” wondered one person.

Writing on Facebook, Quinex Chiluwe argued that scraping off the ministry could have helped Chakwera to reduce the size of his 32-member cabinet.

“Rationalizing ministries – Ministry of unity is not necessary on its own. We are not coming from war or coup,” Chiluwe wrote.