Govt‘s delay to construct health centre worries Chitipa residents


People from communities surrounding Kapoka in Traditional Authority Mwenemisuku in Chitipa continue to face health challenges due to the delay by government to construct a health center that the people were promised in 2012.

This was revealed during an interface meeting between people in the area and the Chitipa district council that Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) organized.

Speaking in an interview, Area Development Committee (ADC) Chairperson Daniel Mulungu said people in the area are walking over 15 kilometers to seek medical assistance at Chitipa district hospital which brings a lot of challenges in their daily living.

Mulungu said as now, the number of women who are delivering while at home and on the way is increasing and the death of infants is also increasing because they are failing to get assistance from health personnel due to long distance.

Mulungu added that government promised to construct a health center in 2012 to minimize some of the health challenges that people are facing in the communities but this has turned into a lie as years are passing without any development taking place.

He further said that in July, 2021, Deputy Minister responsible for health went there and told them construction of the health center will start in two-months’ time but as of now four months have gone without any building being elected.

In their response, representatives from Chitipa district council said the project is not being implemented by them but he said it is the central government which is implementing the project.

However, when we contacted public relations officer for health Adrian Chikumbe, he asked for more time to find out on the issue.

CCJP is implementing its project of safeguarding the rights of women and children and other vulnerable people in Chitipa District.