Meshos engage: Priscilla Kayira accepts Romuled Nsane’s proposal


Forget about the Mesho story as renowned television personality Priscilla Kayira has taken a giant step towards marriage having accepted a proposal from her boyfriend.

A video clip that has gone viral on the internet shows the boyfriend in the name of Romuled Nsane, proposing to Priscilla.

In his brief post, the boyfriend has described Sunday the 21st of November as the happiest day of his life.

In her response, Kayira has expressed excitement. A picture which is circulating on social media shows the television host admiring her engagement ring with smiles.

Meanwhile, Kayira is receiving congratulatory messages from her followers. However, some people are seeking answers from the public figure on who the hubby to be is; is he the mesho or the boyfriend?

A few months ago, Priscilla was allegedly involved in a cheating scandal. According to rumours, she slept with her boyfriend’s housemate (mesho).