Young man released from Malawi prison after being selected to university

A 22-year-old man, who was sentenced to nine years in prison, has been handed an early release from prison after being selected to Mzuzu University.
The High Court sitting in Mzuzu has reduced the sentence which Mwafulirwa was slapped with in 2018.

Mwafulirwa was serving the prison sentence at Mzuzu Prison after being convicted of defilement (child sexual abuse) but has now been released from jail.

The release comes as Mwafulirwa has been selected to study Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Midwifery at Mzuzu University after passing with 17 points in 2020 MSCE exams.

Judge Thomson Ligowe made the ruling which has reduced Mwafulirwa’s sentence.

‘Upon review, this court has confirmed the conviction but reduced the sentence so as to result to his immediate release,” reads part of the ruling.



  1. This is a good consideration. Nonetheless the less, academic performance should not be the lone factor when considering such type of cases but also behavior. Someone can have the academic acumen but still be a monster. MWAFULIRWA case is even more relevant as he is being trained to be a nurse and if he hasn’t changed, he may be one of those type that molest female patients

  2. How can this be possible it’s day light Robbery
    I think the judge must face other Supreme Court judges to see that there is any relashionship between him and judge as the victim was sentenced due to sexual offense against child sex. That’s a very bad release from court of law

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