Wasanduka Van Damme, Mwendo Ngati Rambo: Onesimus kicks Mr Nobody

Onesimus show

Musician Onesimus took off his gospel robe as he kicked a patron during his live performance at Lilongwe Golf Club Sunday evening.

A video that has gone viral on social media shows the singer kicking a fun seeker when he was performing his latest song labelled Mr Nobody.

The artist`s behaviour has drawn public criticism. People believe such behaviour is not fit for someone who preaches the gospel.

“This is not on. His deeds should match his spiritual status,” commented Peter Gayesi.

Martin Soko also commented, “Very bad behaviour by the singer, he should have let his guards to deal with the fan.”

Others have said the fan was in the wrong for holding the performer`s leg in the middle of the performance.

“Why was he grabbing, Onesimus` leg during the performance. If I were Onesimus I could have done the same to free myself,” said Jordan Tambe.

In reaction to the criticism, the singer has  apologised to the victim. According to a statement signed by his manager Tonderai Banda, the musician apologised to the victim in person after the show.
“The public may wish to know that after the show,   Onesimus sought out the fan and offered him sincere apologies for the action,” reads the statement in partial