Thom Mpinganjira spends night in hospital

The convicted and corrupt business mogul, Thom Mpinganjira, spent a night at KCH as he awaits trial with people on social media calling it a tactic for a suspended sentence.

Mpinganjira, founder of FDH Bank, attempted to bribe five judges presiding over 2019 elections case.

He resigned as Chief Executive Officer from FDH following his arrest in January this year but was replaced by his son.

He never made public his sickness before his conviction but after he was found guilty earlier this month, his lawyers told the High Court that the 60-year-old has had bad health since he contacted Covid-19.

The lawyers asked the court to hand Mpinganjira a suspended sentence for a crime which prosecutors say attracts 12 years in prison. A date for sentencing is yet to be set

Last Sunday, Mpinganjira was taken to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre for medical check-up.

He was later taken to a private hospital for a scan in Lilongwe but spent Thursday night at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) in  the city.

People on social media are describing the illness as a tactic for a suspended sentence.

“Why people only get sick when they are arrested? What does the law say about this? To get away with the case?……political sick! There are real sick people in prisons but have no chance to be pardoned or to be given good medical care. Let us understand that life is the same rich or poor it’s only one life and so let justice flow like rain water from the mountain,” said one person.

“Deliberate moves to influence the suspended sentence. Money talks indeed….but sometimes it doesn’t talk in your favor,” chipped in another.


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