K6 billion Sunbird Hotel shocks Malawians


Sunbird Hotel and Resorts yesterday unveiled a K6 billion hotel in Salima but Malawians have expressed shock over the design and exorbitant cost of the structure.

Sunbird Waterfront Hotel

On social media, Malawians say Sunbird could have done better in terms of design as the hotel looks like a residential complex.

“We are still far with our development. Is this a structure we should be proud off that we are developing our tourism?. This is like a holiday inn or Resthouse in some countries. This is a waste of land and space along the lake shore,” said one person.

“This is good development for Salima on the whole although I’m not really in awe of the actual structure itself. I find the building not befitting of a top-notch hotel. It looks like my apartment complex,” said another person.

“I am sure professional hotel architects would have paid more attention to the aesthetic appeal in the design of this hotel,” said a third person.

The Sunbird Waterfront Hotel which has 42 rooms and is powered by solar is on the shore of Lake Malawi in Salima. Construction of the hotel started in 2019.

Chairperson of Sunbird Hotels, George Patridge, said yesterday that the facility will help boost tourism in the country.



  1. Tourism is aspirational. You mean a Millionaire from the would travel all the way to Malawi to sleep in this generic low end poor man’s hotel. In Tourism we are competing against the rest of the world

  2. Much better comparing to our standard of living.
    We don’t have always complaining everything and comparing with other countries.

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