‘Malawians are being oppressed socially and economically under Chakwera’

A rights group says Malawians are being subjected to human rights abuses and are being oppressed socially and economically by the Tonse Alliance administration led by President Lazarus Chakwera.

Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) has said this in a statement today signed by executive director Sylvester Namiwa.

According to Namiwa, instead of celebrating Independence Day, Malawians are depressed with the leadership and governance style of Chakwera which “does not inspire and warrant celebrations befitting Independence Day.”

“Malawians are waking up every day to very sad stories of human rights abuse, wanton plunder of public resources, security breaches, theft and burglary etc. The situation has become so worrisome, as if no one cares and as if no one is really in control.

“Malawi is a troubled nation, and our leaders do not appear decisive and ready to rescue this nation, which is burning. The captain is in deep slumber, we are afraid. Wake up Mr. President, we are 57 today, but look at your children; we are in lags and hungry, and only a few of you continue to swim in riches, dining and wining,” said Namiwa.

He then accused the Tonse Alliance government of looting and plundering public funds to enrich themselves.  According to Namiwa, there are ministers in the government who have given their blessings to looting of public resources.

He appealed to the newly confirmed Director General of the Anti- Corruption Bureau (ACB), Martha Chizuma, to swiftly move in and act on these reports of abuse of public funds.

Namiwa also gave President Chakwera seven working days to act on the reports of the abuse of public funds, including the other outstanding issues ranging from the recently drafted bad laws, to the attempts by his administration to stifle the Judiciary.

He said: “Failure to do so will leave CDEDI with no choice but to lead all the Malawians into nationwide demonstrations to force the President to act.”