Boozegate: Malawi sends fraud-ridden diplomat to South Africa 


Malawi has replaced diplomats embroiled in the boozegate Scandal in South Africa with another controversial diplomat of questionable repute who was accused of using public funds for private purposes.

Malawi’s diplomats at the embassy in  South Africa have been expelled for illegally selling beer and cigarrets. The Chakwera administration has since appointed six new ambassadors, including Stell Hauya Ndau  as ambassador to South Africa.

However, it has been revealed that Malawi is risking more embarrassment over her appointment.

Hauya Ndau  also served in the same role between 2012 and 2015 and her juniors were also doing the illegal alcohol trade during the time she was in Pretoria but she never intervened.

She has also been accused of  taking government furniture fron the High Commissioner’s residence after she was recalled in 2015. Ndau was also found to have misused money amounting to over MK3 million. She used the money in procuring berets for the Joyce Banda Foundation.

The revelations comes after President Lazarus Chakwera said he expects the newly chosen diplomats to do the country proud by the integrity of their conduct.

President Chakwera made the remarks on Sunday when he also announced that he had spoken to president Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa to apologize over the despicable behavior of the group of Malawians expelled from South Africa for abusing their diplomatic privileges.

“I assured him that the conduct of these individuals does not represent the values of my administration and the Malawian people nor does it reflect the cordial and warm bilateral relations between our two countries,” said Chakwera.