Mzuzu lecturers fight after class timetable clash

Mzuzu University lecturers got into a verbal fight in front of students after their timetable led the two lecturers to the same classroom.

A video shared on the social media show the two lecturers exchanging words with one threatening the other.

Mzuzu based social media user Zimwanda Mithi identified the two lecturers as Dr Chalemba (Physics) and Dr Okweywel (optometry).

In the video, Chalemba seems to have found Okweywel teaching students in a classroom in which he (Chalemba) was also supposed to teach his class.

Chalemba then threatens his fellow lecturer and demands that he gets out.

“Do you know me right now; do you know me?” asks Chalemba.

Dr Okweywel responds by apologizing but Chalemba continues his threatening tone.

“Leave! Just get out,” demands Chalemba.

In the background, students could be heard laughing.

The video has also amused Malawians and some have claimed that it is evidence that “education does not cure stupid.”

Other social media users have called on Mzuni management to discipline Chalemba.


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