Namadingo to star in international reality TV, music contest


Malawi’s most followed musician Patience Namadingo has made another breakthrough in penetrating the SADC region having been trusted with a judging role in an international reality TV and music show.

The competition dubbed “my booth” will involve three countries from the region namely Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Besides contributing contestants, each of the aforementioned countries has already contributed a judge.

The Mapulani hitmaker will share a seat on the judging panel with Zimbabwe’s Blessings Chimanga and Zambian Lola Chilanga. All the judges are also musicians.

According to Patience, three Malawian artists will join the race; Two of the singers will have to go through auditions while one will be chosen by himself.

The BET award aspirant has also said he will reveal the up-and-coming musician he has chosen to represent Malawi on the day the show will hit the screen.

The event will be staged in Zambia’s capital Lusaka. It is tipped to be a fair event considering that all participating countries have contributed a judge.

Meanwhile, Malawians are eagerly waiting for Namadingo’s Shona song which is due to be released on Friday. The singer has so far released two other songs in foreign languages in an effort to get himself known in other countries.